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About Us

About Us

Brilliantly modern

Brilliantly modern

Flawless form, flow, and function


Our Story

Artistic sensibility and engineering expertise shine with equal brilliance in faucets and fixtures of superior form and function. We seek excellence at every stage, imagining, designing, inspecting, from the initial 3D modeling to the final water test.

statement pieces of presence

Every detail is thoughtfully considered to bring innovation to styling as well as performance. We even have our own technical center where products are rigorously tested in realistic conditions to ensure superb quality.

Streamlined curves, shapes of modernity, and nuanced classical designs are complemented by innovative technologies, like the Boomerang? pull-down spray technology, which returns back into position quickly and easily. Perfect for aiming and washing dishes, rinsing vegetables, and filling up the largest pots of water.

Our patented RioWise? Valves shower system controls the degree of volume and temperature through a streamlined faucet design that takes up less space. With the ability to balance thermostat and water pressure, temperatures stay consistent through the longest of showers. It is this seamless flow between structure and inspired style that creates statement pieces of presence.


Performance as exceptional as it looks

The elegant aesthetic of Riobel? faucets and fixtures is the result of brilliant engineering and inspired styling. 3D modeling and innovation combine with the sleek, clean lines of modern design. Patented technologies bring another dimension to traditional shapes and curves. Designed and engineered in Canada, Riobel brings form, function, and flow together optimally and beautifully.

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