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Perrin & Rowe

Perrin & Rowe

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English faucets and fixtures to a higher standard

Made to a higher standard

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At Perrin & Rowe, precision is elevated to an artform. A marriage of true British craftsmanship and 21st century engineering, each piece is molded, shaped, polished by hand according to traditional techniques, then followed by a white glove inspection under a magnifying glass. The result is flawlessly functional faucets and fixtures, brassware and porcelain of exceptional detail and exquisite design.

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Perrin & Rowe Quality Engineering
Perrin & Rowe Quality Engineering

All our faucets and fixtures are handcrafted and engineered using regionally-sourced solid brass and ceramic components. We adhere to a stringent manufacturing process where attention to detail, care, dedication and pride go into the perfection of every product.

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